Optimizing Time Management

Time Management can be a struggle especially when your juggling family, work, school and other activities into the mix.  It’s ok though, your not alone and its completely normal to reach out for help and advice.  My Class Choices works with Universities and Students nationwide and through our research and experience we have learned that these important tips can help balance your life and optimize your schedule.

To start we recommend building a support system around your life.  What we mean by this is talk with your family, husband or wife, parents, kids etc.  Make sure they know your schedule, if it means taking time away from your family, explain why.  This will not only help them understand but will give you a strong support system at home and at work or school.

Next, we understand you can’t just change your job but maybe change your work schedule.  Flexible employment or schedules can really help give you space and time to breath in a busy lifestyle.  Keep a schedule, make sure you have time for yourself and stick to that schedule.  You will be amazed by how much less stress you have once your organized and have a steady schedule.

Last, make sure you take time to breath, if it becomes to much it’s completely normal and good for everyone to take a day or two off from time to time.



Campus life can be busy, schedules will remind you of start times, lunch times, tests etc.  Remember there is more to consider even after enrollment.